OK but here’s my thing - I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS. Because that sure as fuck isn’t Steve’s shield - Steve’s shield is a solid metal thing made of vibranium that was created literally decades ago.

So - please - someone tell me. WHAT IS THAT.

You know, originally I thought it was one of the prototypes Howard Stark built for Steve in TFA? You know, when Steve’s all “Wow, these are really interesting, Howard, but my soul tells me I should take that one that’s made of a rare precious element that you do not wish to part with!” But looking at it again, there is no chance that Howard Stark ever presented that to anyone as any kind of functional shield…

…and then I remembered that Coulson is a dyed-in-the-wool Captain America fanboy. THUS I HAVE CONCLUDED IT IS SOME SORT OF RARE CAP MEMORABILIA, LIKE A “LIMITED EDITION CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD” THAT THEY RELEASED IN 1972 (because that thing reeks of the 70s, let’s not lie) TO TRY TO ~RECAPTURE THE GLORY~ OF THE CAPTAIN AMERICA FRANCHISE. They pulled it off the shelves after three weeks because it wasn’t selling, but the die-hard Cap fans know it to be priceless, since the unsold shields were melted down and reused.

For this reason, I imagine the rest of this scene goes as follows in Coulson’s head: THERE ARE ONLY 60 OF THESE IN THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD, MR. STARK, REMOVE IT FROM UNDER THAT COIL AT ONCE. I WILL BE KING OF THE CON WITH THAT ITEM, MR. STARK. KING. OF. THE. CON. 

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